WARNING: What we’re about to share with you could help shift your perspective and make all the difference in turning your dreams into reality.


As you become more experienced in understanding your point of attraction, you’ll notice that even the smallest vibrational difference can affect your ability to manifest exactly what you want. So, if you’re looking to sharpen your Law of Attraction skills, then read on.



Small Shift in Perspective will Make All the Difference in Turning Your Dreams Into Reality


Two words that are seemingly similar and people often use interchangeably are appreciation and gratitude. And while it might seem a little “nitpicky”, the vibrations of these two states are very, very different.


When you reach a certain level of sensitivity, words, thoughts and emotions become very important to your point of attraction. They always are, but when you become acutely aware of your emotional responses it becomes increasingly more a matter of fine-tuning ever so slightly to accomplish the desired outcome.


This is where it is to your advantage to recognize these subtle differences.


Abraham-Hicks points out the following:

Appreciation is the same feeling and vibration as being in love. When you look at a new lover or a small child and feel overwhelmed with the feeling of love, you are truly in alignment with source.



This is obviously the vibrational quest all day, every day. There is a complete absence of doubt, fear, denial or hatred when in appreciation and only the presence of everything that feels good. (Remember, when you feel good, you are in complete resonance with your Inner Being. And that’s when all the magic happens, turning your dreams into reality. All of your desires will begin to materialize effortlessly.)



Appreciation, in the literal sense, also means to increase the value of, so when you are appreciating you are making it bigger. Conversely, gratitude, while still being a good feeling, holds a little resistance in the awareness of what you have had to overcome.


To be grateful is to be sort of looking back at what was and carrying essences of that contrast into your current vibration.


Don’t let this seemingly insignificant difference fool you. It could be causing a tiny bit of resistance in your vibration which may be what’s holding you back from getting exactly what you want.


The state of appreciation is pure, it is being in sync with the whole-of-who-you-are and is actually the easiest thing to do! Look outside… the Sun came up, the Earth is still spinning, birds are singing, water is still flowing! And while it’s the easiest thing to do, it’s also the most effective in shifting your point of attraction.


Although feeling grateful has it’s place, a state of appreciation is really what you’re reaching for more of your time. Spend your first waking minutes in appreciation mode and watch the universe yield more and more to appreciate throughout your day.


Click here to watch this video to help clarify the distinction a little more and get on the appreciative disc.