Consider some of the best orgasms that you have given to yourself. Do you recall how it came to fruition? I bet it started as a thought, which then caused a feeling, which then caused another thought… which then, by law of attraction, eventually turned into a fully realized but still imagined scenario.

If you’re creative, and you enjoy the crescendo-building, you kept the thoughts flowing and you enjoyed the unfolding of the fantasy without actually taking any action to fulfill the ultimate goal of orgasm. Your body was responding as if it was real. You built the vortex of feelings and desires until it was the most logical step to proceed into action. And when you did, the tiniest bit of action yielded the most satisfying manifested orgasm.

This, my friends, is the process to apply to every desire you think you want and to manifesting your dreams.



How Achieving an Orgasm is the Best Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams


When u consider all of your orgasms, you can see that just like other manifestations or desires you have, some are more exciting, some are less imagined and therefore require more action, some are mind-blowing, some are co-creative, and some are done alone.


Now bring the comparison further, ask yourself these questions:

Are you distracted?

Are you tuned in?

Are you singularly focused?

Are you thinking about other things or what others are thinking?

Does it feel natural?


The desired outcome is always greatly affected by any of these things. Then upon completion, even though the orgasm (manifestation) has been achieved you still want another and another and another (not right away usually), the wanting never ends…. and so it is in all other aspects of life.


Tune in to your desires and then follow these 7 steps:


  1. Get the impulse
  2. Enjoy the building of the desire in your mind
  3. Tune into the imagined version as if its real
  4. Allow the feelings to build upon each other
  5. Bask in the unfolding and know that its a sure thing
  6. Take the action that is inspired by it all
  7. and then finally… release that last bit of wanting as you feel it’s just about to occur


If you can apply the same simple steps you use when you achieve an orgasm, you hold the key to manifesting any and all that you want.


Click here to watch this video from Abraham-Hicks where they explain how to use the same techniques you use to achieve an orgasm, and apply them to manifesting your dreams!


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