Hey guys! It’s Friday! Woohoo!  A storm is rolling in as I type, and it feels super cozy.

This week’s Free Phone Wallpaper is all about chillin’ out!

All I have to do is RELAX + ALLOW my well-being.

I love knowing that our well-being is our natural state. We don’t have to try at all in order to access it. In fact, we actually have to try harder to access the opposite of our well-being.


Our only “job” is to relax + allow our well-being to naturally flow through us. When we try hard to make ourselves better or happier, we are actually going against our natural flow. Whether you’re wanting to heal your body or attract the perfect partner, a light, easy, and relaxed state is all that is required. So often we have been conditioned to think we need to grab hold of a problem and wrestle it to the ground. In doing so, we activate the vibration of the very thing we are trying to fix. Instead, if you can just relax into whatever it is, finding a way to either not focus on it or focus on it in a way that makes you feel even just a little better, then the Universe can do it’s job and deliver to you exactly what you prefer.

Believe me, I know it can be a challenge to just ease up and allow, especially if you have operated the other way your entire life. Relaxing seems unproductive, but just give it a try the next time you are experiencing any sort of contrast, and watch how things unfold naturally to support your desires.

On that note, I hope you enjoy a rejuvenating + relaxing weekend. We’ll see you next Friday for another Free Phone Wallpaper!

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