Hello friends! I know! I’m a day later than usual this week, but here it is! This week’s Free Phone Wallpaper:

Everyday my life experience is getting better!

I’ve been really playing around with the idea that it is natural for my life to get better and better, as long as I allow my flow and keep up with my expansion. Meaning, as long as I can be flexible with my beliefs so that they align with my desires, then I should be able to keep up to speed with the life that I am summoning.


Often we desire something, but we have contradicting thoughts about it, which doesn’t allow it to flow into our experience. When we do this perpetually, over the years, we create the illusion of decline. We desire, we don’t allow, we desire, we don’t allow. Eventually, we cut off the flow of energy and we begin to feel this decline in our bodies. We then confuse it and label it as aging. When actually, the two have nothing to do with each other.

Decline can happen at any time in life. It is the result of not allowing our natural state of well-being to flow through us. Aging is something totally different. Aging is the experience of moving through this time and space and naturally expanding as a being because of all the life we have lived. Aging should not be a dreadful and fearful experience. It should be embraced, for it is our physical experience of expansion and evolution.

So, as this week’s Free Phone Wallpaper states, our life experience naturally is getting better and better. It’s inevitable as long as we are not all stressed out and we are in a state of allowing our energy to flow.

Here’s to keeping up (not with the Kardashian’s) but with our own expansion and joyously moving through this time and space!

Thank you again for stopping by this week! Check back next week for another Free Phone Wallpaper!

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