Wowza! It’s a hot one here in Beautiful British Columbia! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely day wherever you are.

This week’s Free Phone Wallpaper includes the ultimate reminder when it comes to Law of Attraction and creating your reality.


Not just 50% or even 99%. We are creating our reality 100% of our time! No matter what our reality looks like, it is all our doing. No exceptions.


So, take the credit for it all! The good, the bad… and the ugly! Hehe! So often, we forget that whatever we are living, we are responsible for it, for we cannot live anything that is not within our consciousness. Physical reality is a complete reflection of how we perceive. Whatever you think, believe and feel, you literally will experience in the physical. Now, we could be totally unaware of what we are creating. It’s like Abraham-Hicks says, “it never comes out of the blue, it comes out of the oblivion”.

Just because you are unaware of what you are creating, doesn’t mean you didn’t create it. We create through vibration. Vibration is subtle. So how do we know what we are creating? We can tell by the way we feel. Our emotions guide us. If we feel good, then good things are a comin’. If we feel bad, well you know the deal now. The best way to create your reality consciously, is to become extremely aware of how you feel. Use your built-in guidance system to help you deliberately create the reality you prefer… 100% of your time!

See you next week for another Free Phone Wallpaper! Wishing you a consciously-created, beautiful day!

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