Hi friends! It’s another FREEBIE FRIDAY! We’ve created another Free Phone Wallpaper for you with a powerful reminder.

I am always expecting things to go well.

Expectation is everything when it comes to creating your reality. It’s pretty simple. You get what you expect. It’s a good idea to check in frequently and ask yourself, am I expecting things to go well?


I catch myself all the time these days. Ideally, I know that my expectations matter, a lot. But then I get into my day and I’ll find myself thinking about something going wrong. Luckily, nowadays, I am pretty aware of how I am focused, so I am able to catch myself quickly. I can go from projecting doom and gloom and swiftly shift into, oh ya right, I AM THE CREATOR! My expectation is what is going to create how I experience whatever I am focused on. Duuuuh! Haha! I like to poke fun at myself when I forget so that I keep it light. Self love is key. Beating yourself up because you had a moment of forgetting your power is counter-productive. We’re Human. We’re gonna forget our power sometimes. No biggie.

These little Phone Wallpapers are helpful reminders all day long.  Every time you look at your phone, you’ll be reminded to be more aware of how you are focusing your energy.

Mel and I wish you a fabulous weekend wherever you are in this amazing world!

Check back again next week for another Law of Attraction-inspired Free Phone Wallpaper!

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