Unless you’re not human, you’ve experienced the gut-wrenching emotion of worry. Whether you’ve worried about your finances, your loved ones, your health and every other little detail in between, the emotion of worry is very uncomfortable. Believe me, I know. As a mother, I have found plenty to worry about. It is not fun I tell ya!


Thankfully, there’s an array of tools that you have right at your fingertips to ease yourself and even stop worrying right now!



First, it helps if you understand what the feeling of worry really means and what it is telling you. Our emotions are meant to guide us. When we feel good emotion, we are in full resonance with our Inner Being, Higher Self, God or whatever you like to call your Divine Self. When we feel emotion that does not feel good, we are out of sync with our higher knowing. It is actually very simple, yet somehow humanity has found a way to make it difficult (something we seem to be great at!).


5 Simple Ways to Stop Worrying Right Now


Here are 5 simple ways to stop worrying:


1. Understand what worry really means.

Understanding this alone, can greatly reduce the feeling of worry. Just knowing that our own guidance is letting us know that whatever we’re focused on is either in alignment with our Inner Being or it is not, is a very helpful tool. If we feel worry, we know that we are not focused in our truth. Your Higher Self is not focused on the same thing you are giving your attention to, and the feeling of worry is showing you the split energy.

I used to think when I was worried, that I had a legitimate reason to feel that emotion. Whether I was worried about the fact that I couldn’t pay my rent on time, or my kids were sick or whatever it was, I thought it was that very reason that I was worried. It wasn’t until I understood what worry really meant, that I was able to shift my focus and ease myself.

The emotion of worry was my indicator that I was focused on a subject that my Inner Being was not focused on. I was disconnecting myself from my own inner truth.


To put it simple, if I was feeling the emotion of worry, then whatever I was focusing my attention on was NOT true for me! My own guidance was letting me know!



Ahhhh, finally it all made sense and even though worry didn’t just disappear instantly for me, I now knew how to ease myself back into alignment with my Inner Being. Nowadays when I feel the emotion of worry, I say to myself “this thought that I am thinking is not true for me!” and I will feel instant ease.


Once you understand what worry really means, all of the following tools are just meant for helping you shift your focus onto something that is more in alignment with your Inner Being.


2. Meditate

Take even just 5 minutes and find a quiet spot and focus on your breath. When you focus on your breathing, your mind cannot focus on anything else. You’ll begin to feel ease wash all over you giving you even more evidence that whatever you were thinking about previously was not serving you. Remember, when you feel good, you are in alignment with your Inner Being.


3. Take a Walk

Sometimes the thoughts that cause worry can consume you, and a change of scenery is needed. Take a walk! Breathe in the fresh air and take in the scenery. Turn it into a game and count every step you take. Once again, you’re looking to take your attention away from the thoughts that are not in alignment with your Inner Being.


4. Watch an Uplifting Video or Movie

Nowadays there is a plethora of uplifting content on YouTube. Of course, our favorite is from Abraham-Hicks. Look for something that resonates with you in that moment. Videos with nature scenery and soothing music always lift me up. And if you can’t find anything there, Netflix has a ton of good-feeling movies that will surely take your attention off of whatever isn’t feeling good. I’m still a sucker for the Sex and the City movies.


5. Dance

Turn on your favorite music and let your body move. Sometimes we just need to get the energy flowing. Music can be a very useful tool when you need a shift in focus. It’s hard to do something that feels good, and at the same time focus on something that doesn’t! Your mind will finally give in and turn it’s attention to the fun. Give it a try! You’ll see how the worry you felt simply dissolves after a good dance session.



Whether you worry a little bit or a lot, now you have an idea of what it is telling you and what you can do about it.  Understanding this has changed my life! The emotion of worry no longer consumes me. I hope you find these tools useful in helping ease your mind when worry creeps in. Pretty soon you’ll be thanking the worrisome feelings because they are guiding you to focus on your truth.


Click here to listen to this video where Abraham explains what fear (same emotion as worry) means and how to use it to guide you into a better-feeling state of being.


Share some of the ways you stop worrying in the comments below!


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