Self-Love used to have a different definition for me than it does now. In the 90’s and into early 2000, self-love was looking in the mirror and loving what I saw. Oh you have a muffin top, love it! Or if some part of your personality wasn’t well received by others, love it. The desire to love self was elusive most of the time. I couldn’t bring myself to just love myself totally. And while the evolved definition would still see those pieces as valid parts of it, its not the whole picture.


Self-Love for me now, is simply, being love. Looking at everything and loving it. Radiating love. Looking through the eyes of Source, if you will.



While that includes looking at yourself, Self-love includes everything and everyone else. It’s total and whole and does not separate anything from the love. It makes so much sense that it is this way, because when I love self, of course I would love everything and everyone. It’s what makes us want to love our self. Because we know once that is attained, all judgement of others falls away and we are free! Free to observe and not be attached. Free to love the unlovable with out justifying it. Free to sift through the variety that is life with no inhibitions.


Sometimes you can get into the flow of Self-Love by observing things and others that are easy to love. And sometimes you can get there by appreciating things about yourself. The latter is probably a little more difficult but it is really the perfect practice of aligning with source.



4 Affirmations to Help You Tap Into Self-Love


The following 4 statements of Self appreciation have helped me to tap into Self-Love, or my “inner being’s perspective” is another way to say it. They are general enough to help you too!


1. The universe is always working in my favor.

Did you know that you are that worthy! Have you ever noticed synchronicities that are subtle or not so subtle, but too coincidental to just be chance. That’s the concierge de Universe knocking itself out to give you what you are focused on!


2. I am where I am, and that’s okay.

Did you feel that? Repeat it again and pay attention to your solar plexus or your heart. Does it feel at peace? If yes (and it should), it’s cause you just matched the opinion of your inner being. Your inner being is never thinking you should be where you aren’t. It is looking at you with love and appreciation, and nothing less.


3. I like who I am, and I want to share it with others.

You are pretty fucking awesome when you start to break it down. Just consider some of your best qualities and how they enhance other people’s lives. When you laugh, you light up the room. You have gifts that only you uniquely bring to the partnership or group. Make a list of your awesomeness and own it!


4. “You complete me” is bogus! – I COMPLETE ME!

The only relationship that you ever need to tend to is your relationship with your inner being. Once that is fleshed out and lined up, you show up with the whole-of-who-you-are. And the whole-of-who-you-are is the best friend anyone can ever ask for. You are complete. You are love. And that is enough.



When self-doubt arises or you find yourself judging others, repeat these statements and shift into the loving being that you were born to be!


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