Finding a Romantic partner tends to be number one on many people’s to do lists. Or if already in a relationship, how to make it better. We will talk extensively on relationships in this blog and not just romantic ones, but every kind. Relationships with your kids, parents, friends, money, your body…everything is a relationship in essence.


We thought laying out the top 3 relationship fundamentals will be a good basis to every other conversation about this confounding topic.



3 Relationship Fundamentals You Need to Know


Number One:

It is NEVER about the other person or thing. It is ALWAYS about your relationship with your Inner Being. This is going to be the one and only piece of wisdom you will ever need to refer to. When you are experiencing contrast, in the middle of your strong emotions, if you will stop and ask “what is my Inner Being’s opinion?”, you will immediately dissipate any negative momentum and catch a whiff of the broader perspective.

Your relationship with Source is the only relationship or connection you’re reaching for anyways.

Don’t look for the agreement or validation from others. They will never be able to consistently please you nor should they be expected to. Seek connection with your Inner Being and every other relationship is then simply an indicator of that alignment.


Number Two:

Enjoy the Journey. When feeling like you are not where you want to be, remind yourself that the joy is in the unfolding.

Do you like to eat the ice cream or do you like to be done eating the ice cream?

Yes, it’s cliche.”The joy is in the journey blah blah”. But look back. What was more satisfying? Becoming the person who got ready to receive the thing you were asking for or getting the thing? Even if you say it’s getting the thing that was more satisfying, the feeling didn’t last long before you were onto the next desire.

Stretch it out a bit, recognize the evolution of self, appreciate things clicking into place on the way. The unfolding really is the main event.


Number Three:

Act less, imagine more. Let go of the need to control and allow the Universe to line up the unfolding. Think of all the actions people have taken to attain a romantic relationship. The game playing, acting aloof, the backwards strategies written in bestselling books to get the guy or girl. You can understand why so many relationships fail. The connection was not real from the get-go. Both parties weren’t bringing their A-game and by A-game I mean, Authentic game.

Don’t you kinda-sorta want the one you don’t have to try to impress and vice versa? The one that is naturally in step with where you’re at. Not every point of interest is the same but many subjects for the most part. Variety and discovery of new things is fun too!

Be your authentic self in every moment possible. Practice it often.

You don’t want a match based on falsities. You want a match that is easy and congruent. And no other matchmaker has a better view than the Universe! Let it delight you. Let it ripen. Let it be better than you could have made it happen yourself. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!


So in conclusion, keep it simple. Connect with yourself first. Enjoy the evolution and trust the Universe to deliver with awe-inspiring precision!



Click here to listen to this Abraham video where they talk about how your most important relationship is with your Source.