Healing your body from dis-ease can feel daunting. You may be so wrapped up in the awareness of the condition that imagining a reality without the pain is impossible.

As impossible as it may feel, Abraham-Hicks’ teachings may be able to help you find some ease and even relief. They teach that all discomfort in the body is a result of resistance in your thoughts. Whether you’re worrying about the future or fretting about the past, whenever you are resisting anything, you don’t have access to the Well-Being that is naturally yours.

Furthermore, our emotions are meant to guide us, letting us know whether what we are focusing on is serving us or not. When we ignore our emotions, the guidance gets louder and manifests into our physical body.

Below we’ve put together 12 POWERFUL HEALING QUOTES FROM ABRAHAM-HICKS. If you’re feeling any physical pain or discomfort, whether it be small or big, we hope you find some relief from these powerful insights.

12 Powerful Healing Quotes from Abraham-Hicks

Quote #1

Your body is an absolute mirror of your mind. As you worry, your body shows it. As you love, your body shows it. As you are overwhelmed, your body shows it. As you are angry, your body shows it. Every cell of your body is being allowed or resisted by the way you feel. “My physical state is a direct reflection of how I feel.” Instead of “How I feel is a direct reflection of my physical state.”

Quote #2

The most significant thing that we want you to focus upon, relative to pain, is that when you are feeling it and focusing upon it, it cannot go away. As you surrender, it’s sort of like relaxing into the pain rather than pushing against it. Rather than trying to figure it out or understand it, or stop it, just sort of relax and go with it. Don’t tense against it. Just sort of accept it; in most cases it will soften right away as you try to relax into it a little bit. And then as you acknowledge that it is an indicator of something, and then you set forth the intent “I’m wanting to know. I’m wanting to know what this is an indicator of.”

Quote #3

Your cells in your body aren’t old, they keep regenerating. They are new. Your body has the potential of being as young and as vital as it has ever been.

Quote #4

Someone asked us recently, “Is there any limitation to the body’s ability to heal?” And we said, “None other than the belief that you hold.” And he said, “Then why aren’t people growing new limbs?” And we said, “Because no one believes that they can.”

Quote #5

People tend to think that illnesses are progressive: Something goes wrong, and then the sickness just becomes more and more and more. That is not what is happening. What is happening is: the sickness calls attention to something that causes more contradiction or more resistance in the frequency. It is just in the moment. You could be diagnosed with every deadly disease known to man — but you could be lying in your bed in a state of utter allowance, and allow the Energy of Source to flow through to the cells of your body — and you would have an instant healing! It is not about the body needing to rebuild. It’s about opening the vibrational circuits. That is all that it is.

Quote #6

Everything is vibrational. The cells of your body are vibrational. You are an electronic being. Your wellness is about the transfer of Energy, (not different from electricity) from Universal Source to you on a cellular basis. You have many Energy points within your body. Sickness is not because cells have turned bad. Sickness is because cells are not being allowed the fullness of the Energy response. It’s sort of like an electrical short.

Quote #7

You can reduce lines in your face. You can receive a psychic, vibrational face-lift. You can regenerate your heart valves. You can restore fillings in your teeth. You can add marrow back to your bones. You can add resiliency back to your joints. There is not one of you – if they can take a cell from your toe, we think there’s enough regenerative power to get what you want. But you can’t get there from a place of being unhappy with where you are; because while you’re summoning, you’re blocking at the same time.

Quote #8

“My physical body is an extension of Pure Positive Non-physical Energy. My physical body came from and is an extension of that which I know as God Force itself. My physical body is a vessel of absolute Well-Being and when my body is in alignment with my Core Energy, only Well-Being can be my experience. My physical body is utterly resistant and resilient. It easily acknowledges and responds to whatever vibration I offer, and in the past, like most people, I’ve offered a scattered vibration and then a very pointed fearful vibration of exclusion and the Universe has delivered a match to me as it always does. Understanding that, I’m exhilarated because I now understand I can now offer a vibration, a pure vibration, of wellness as easily as I offered a vibration of illness. It’s just a matter of focusing on one or the other. So I focused on one for a while, tried it, didn’t like it. In other words, through the contrast, I know what I don’t want.”

“So what is it I do want? I want a good-feeling body. I want to relax in my body and know that all is well. I want to really be the physical extension of the Non-physical Energy that is my Source. I would like every cell of my body to relax and receive, because I’m offering no resistance now, the Non-physical Energy that it wants and deserves. I would like every cell of my body which has already established a vibrational signal that is attracting the Non-physical Energy of Source to it. I would like to know that that current is flowing and in my desire to know that, I will begin to feel the Energy flowing through my body. Non-physical Energy is flowing. The cells are asking and since I am in absolute harmony with the Energy that is coming to them, there’s no resistance and my physical body is receiving the benefit of that. All is well. All is truly well in my physical body.

Quote #9

The thing that I have created lives and breathes. It’s now an extension of me. It summons Life Force to itself through me. But I’m worried about something, so while it’s summoning the Life Force, I’m not letting it flow. In other words, I have this strong, strong desire but I’m not letting the Energy flow through me. That’s what causes disease.

Quote #10

See yourself in perfect health, and if you will do it right before you sleep, then there will be many hours where you will be unconscious, where you will not be doing any mis-creating to counteract that.

Quote #11

We could not give the same answer to everyone, because, for some, the medicine gives them the feeling of relief that makes them more likely to recover. For some, the medicine may remind them of the illness and make them less likely to recover. That’s why the same process doesn’t work for everyone. And that’s why, you cannot measure what anybody else is doing about anything; you have to decide how it feels to you.

Quote #12

Your focused attention to your breathing is beneficial in two important ways :

  1. Your attention to your breathing will distract your attention from unwanted thoughts, thereby causing you to release resistance. And in the absence of resistance, your cells are now communicating in an optimum fashion.
  2. Because you are breathing more deeply than usual during a time of no resistance, the oxygenation of your cells will improve dramatically. And so, your body will feel more alive because, at a cellular level, it is more alive.

Knowing that there is absolutely nothing that is outside of us is such a liberating understanding. We are the creators of EVERYTHING, even disease. And once you can really grasp that, then and only then, can you really experience any true healing. We hope these Powerful Healing Quotes from Abraham-Hicks have soothed you into more alignment with your Source.

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