Hey everyone! I hope you have been making it your TOP PRIORITY to feel good all this last week! If you haven’t, don’t stress out, just take a deep breath right now and find something to focus on that gives you some good feels.

This week’s quote is another goodie. So often, our old beliefs are the very thing that is holding us back from experiencing everything we desire. Becoming conscious of this is a good start to releasing these old ways of thinking. Remember what Abraham-Hicks always says, “A BELIEF IS JUST A THOUGHT YOU CONTINUE TO THINK”.

I will not let OLD BELIEFS deny my NEW DESIRES.

New desires will always challenge our old beliefs. This is such a good thing. It’s what expansion is made of! We need to release the old in order to allow the new. 

Free Phone Wallpaper - Law of Attraction Quote

When you feel triggered by a new desire, it means that you are holding a belief that contradicts the existence of that new desire. Our initial knee-jerk reaction is to push it away. We are not big fans of discomfort. But if you can just let it come up and don’t freak out, it will transform itself into a better-feeling thought that is more in alignment with your new desire. And of course, how do you know that you’re in alignment with your desire?  You feel good, plain and simple.

Stop letting your old beliefs deny your new desires! 

Stay open, and don’t hold on too tightly to any belief. Just let them flow through you and always tune in to your emotional guidance to know where you’re at. 

I hope this idea is helpful to you in your own personal self-discovery.

Wishing you an easy and effortless unfolding to your week! See you next Friday for another Free Phone Wallpaper quote!

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