I’m a big believer in Law of Attraction and I'm learning to flow my energy in the direction of what I want. I love patterns, typography, fonts, colors and pretty much anything to do with expressing myself through graphic design. I live in Kamloops, BC, Canada with my husband and my 3 amazing kids (I know everyone says that but it’s true). And yep, that’s Beautiful British Columbia! Our kids are unschooled and we enjoy a lifestyle that is based around personal freedom and following our passions.

5 Simple Ways to Stop Worrying

Unless you’re not human, you’ve experienced the gut-wrenching emotion of worry. Whether you’ve worried about your finances, your loved ones, your health and every other little detail in between, the emotion of worry is very uncomfortable. Believe me, I know. As a mother, I have found plenty to worry about. It is not fun I tell …

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5 Simple Ways to Stop Worrying Right Now